To minimize innovation risk and accelerate structured pathways to industries of the future.



11|TEN is in the business of innovation because we are driven by our passionate curiosity and the challenge to make businesses better thru the power of ecosystems or what we call 1+1=10 or 11|TEN! We are determined to make a difference to industries we serve by minimizing innovation risk and revolutionizing the way end-users interact with products and services to continually enhance the experience and impact on businesses and humanity. We are not going to make a difference by being like everyone else!


About 11|TEN Innovation Partners

Based in Atlanta and founded in 2017, 11|TEN Innovation Partners is driven by helping businesses prepare for the future. Today, corporations want innovation, but their lack of time, organization complexity, internal bias, and risk-averse cultures make it difficult to innovate effectively and successfully. Using 11|TEN’s Demand-Driven Innovation™ approach, we minimize innovation risk, by uncovering current and future problems, then build external ecosystems that bring partners together to develop, test and validate comprehensive, user-friendly solutions. Through this process or what we call 1+1=10 or 11|TEN, we can identify growth opportunities for businesses and provide accelerated pathways to future states.

Left to Right: James Lewis, Co-Founder & CEO with Steve Gertz, Co-Founder & Chief Development Officer

Left to Right: James Lewis, Co-Founder & CEO with Steve Gertz, Co-Founder & Chief Development Officer


Our Approach to Innovation Is Built On Our Core Values


defines our credibility and sustains trust by always getting the job done for our team and our partners.


but balanced in our ambition to inspire and empower others into unknown future states.


in how we orchestrate mutually beneficial relationships that can drive meaningful impact.


in how we build ecosystems and develop solutions to solve problems and make our partner ideas a reality.